Silent Kingdom / Atra Hora - The Hour of Silence
RZD 102 |  2016  |  Digipack CD

The Hour of Silence is a brand new split album by Silent Kingdom (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Atra Hora (Russia), two bands playing eclectic and atmospheric metal which includes elements of death, black, progressive and folk metal. On this release Silent Kingdom presents the most complex and varied compositions ever recorded by the band while Atra Hora moves towards more aggressive sound in comparison with the previous mini-album Metahom. A must have release for fans of both bands and those who enjoy South-European atmospheric metal. The CD contains 10 tracks (55 minutes total) and is packaged in a 6-panel handnumbered digipak limited to 500 copies. Co-released with Darknagar Records (Russia), Human to Dust (Germany) and More Hate Productions (Russia).