Dalla Nebbia - Felix Culpa
RZD 095  |  2015  |  Jewel case CD

Felix Culpa is the sophomore release from American black metal project Dalla Nebbia which expands upon the progressive doom laden sound introduced on The Cusp of Void.  With a dense foggy sound oozing a swampy atmosphere, Felix Culpa is a journey through decay and regret, death and suicide, and thorny despair at the hands of an angry god.  Carrying over from The Cusp of the Void, are the four core members Yixja, Zduhac, Tiphareth and Alkurion.  Also contributing to Felix Culpa on select tracks are guests Sareeta (Borknagar, Salefald, Asmegin, God of Atheists) on violin and Aort (Code, Indesinence) on guitar.