Deschain - Grit Part I: Vigilance
RZD 072  |  2014  |  Jewel case CD

Enter into the American West, where man must uphold his own law. Given a chance to correct his lifelong mistakes, an elderly Lawman must change his view on the world, and what it takes to be a righteous man. Whilst doing this he must choose to be the sum of his actions or ideals, and to become openly vulnerable to the concept of radical change that will take him down a road he never would have imagined. He must choose to remain ever vigilant of opposition from within the self. To sustain an ideal of peace and acceptance.

And so begins the Grit trilogy from American black metallers Deschain possessing a storytelling experience cast forth through a progressive and atmospheric sound.  Drawing inspiration from their namesake, Vigilance is the tale of an inner struggle common to many who question what they believe as truth.  

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