Barshasketh - Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom
RZD 050  |  2013  |  Digipack CD

Originally founded and conceived as a one-man project in New Zealand during 2007, Barshasketh released several demos prior to the sole member Krigeist being joined by a drummer.  During this time the debut full length, Defying the Bonds of Cosmic Thralldom, was recorded and the paradox of hate and melancholy that defines the project takes shape.  Vehemently embracing a solipsistic philosophy, Barshasketh explores lyrical concepts rooted in Ontology and Epistemology while extolling an adversarial spirituality in the face of overwhelming mediocrity and banal materialism.  Presented here is the CD issue of that first work with three bonus tracks from the earlier demo sessions.